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Pursuit of enlightenment is the final nightmare, the ultimate bondage, to think that you need to know more in order to be more. --- Sommer Hogan aka William Gammill


"Mr. Gammill is a gifted writer and mystic with a rich inner life which includes a pipeline to dictated material from multiple sources and visions that he describes and interprets in his book, The Gathering. He is psychically attuned to a much bigger world than most of us live in. His first-person account which begins with the events of April 23, 1996 is spell-binding and magical." Amazon.com review*

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William GammillOne night in April of 1996, William Gammill appeared to die to everyone and everything around him, an experience that was to change the course of his life. He crossed over into another dimension, one without time, space, or recognizable boundaries. Finding himself catapulted through one spiritual doorway after another, he experienced the presence of the Creator/Source, and met extraordinary beings from other galaxies and other time frames. At once an encounter with the supernatural and a synergistic event that altered William forever - The Gathering is a detailed account of that journey.

Compelling and beautifully written, The Gathering helps us understand our other-world neighbors and ourselves in a new and positive way. The theme, William points out, is not alien contact but human consciousness and transformation, the birth of a new human species. And it doesn't really matter whether or not you accept as fact the astounding knowledge given him by these other-world visitors; regardless of what we believe or do, our world is being guided toward a planetary transformation, an ascension of consciousness - an ascension, says William, that is not taking place "out there," but is going on inside each of you/us in this very moment. The incredible, universal implications of one man's profoundly personal experience provide thought-provoking new answers to an old question: Why are we here?

Memories evoked by The Gathering, have fueled four more related books by William and Sommer, and an ongoing series of transformation workshops. The five books, Like A Man In A Raincoat, Dancing In The Quantum, Prune, and The Happiness of Pursuit Revised and Revisited along with The Gathering, all detail a lifetime of other-world activity that continues to this day.

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