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Sommer Hogan was born William Gammill in 19 and 49 at the age of eight, and has spent most of his adult life wandering around the world in awe and disbelief. Raised in the Cookson Hills of Oklahoma by a Cherokee shaman, he spent seven years hitching and hiking around Europe and North America, living in Alaska, London, Wales, Nepal and India; was jailed in Italy for having a vision/seizure on a public beach --- not recommended in any country where you don't speak the language.

An akashic intuitive with a holistic vision of the world, he was searching for something he didn't know the name of and wouldn't recognize if he found it, triggering portals and stargates all over the planet --- doorways into other dimensions of consciousness. Of course he didn't know that's what he was doing. At the time, he didn't know much of anything. What he did know was that too long in any one place and he got restless. That's another way the Universe has of tricking us into the experiences we need to fulfill our soul.

Eventually he settled in long enough to take a wife and three degrees; got a job, taught for awhile, even had a daughter---to her mother's chagrin she seems to have inherited his disease, whatever that is: too much lusting after Spirit, perhaps. It's not a matter of how much is available or how much do you want, but how much are you willing to be responsible for.

He is the author of a number of paranormal memoirs and books of creative non-fiction, as well as novels, short stories and essays on metaphysics. For a dozen years he was a university professor and taught creative writing and related literature. He continues to lecture and conduct Transformation Workshops all over the U.S. and Canada.

As a poet, author, and teacher of meditation for thirty years, he has won numerous awards and published in over 100 magazines around the country; he has guested on a number of talk/radio shows and was featured on Shirley MacLaine's radio/talk website for two months; twice a Writing Fellow to the MacDowell Art Colony; in 1981 he went to India as a Rotary International Scholar. He currently directs The Writers Bridge, an organization committed to helping those who seek spiritual footing while exploring the universe within---healers of body, mind, and spirit.

When not on tour, Sommer and William divide their time between Oklahoma and the Pacific Northwest. Their hobbies are ontology and 3 on 3 basketball. They are married to the only addiction in their life and she leads them around like a whipped dog. They love it. In their spare time they read, write, and do arithmetic.

If you wish to contact Sommer or William via email, consider that their attention is divided and they may take several days or weeks to come to a consensus, but they will respond. That said, their email address is: william@williamgammill.com




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