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Happiness of PursuitThe Happiness of Pursuit: Revised and Revisited by Sommer Hogan (Available on this website.)

"Inspired by a true story, Happiness is no garden party romance, but a love story on steroids that dares go beyond the laws of man and nature. Fifty years in the making, Happiness joins the emotional alchemy of William with the magic of Sommer in a wild and sexy, sometimes erotic search for one man's beloved ...[A]love story with an unflinchingly honest feminine side, so deep and enduring it not only turns tragedy into triumph but can perhaps inhabit a miracle, while it makes you smile." (J.R. Hynson, Poet)

The Gathering (Available in bookstores everywhere)

The Gathering"Parts of this book will work like a spaceship for some of you, a vehicle into other dimensions, a subtle experience in which one senses a felt relief, or a felt shift. Some of these "encounters" may prove to have spiritual or even scientific significance; they may not. It may be that their sole purpose is to subvert the rational world view by keeping mystery alive. If so, that's enough. But let it be understood, these events, waking or sleeping, are not subjective. That is, my conscious mind does not create them. They do not belong to me in any conventional sense; they happen to me. Always I seem not to be having an encounter, but seeing one in which I am involved." from the Preface.

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Dancing In The Quantum (Available on or through this website.)

Dancing In The QuantumDancing is something of a sequel to The Gathering, containing elements of that book but going places it could not have dreamed or imagined. From a cave in Mt. Shasta leading to a passageway into the earth's hollow core, to a pyramid disguised as a mountain on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, to a Mayan stargate in Costa Rica, and a Lemurian city alive and fully operational in New Mexico today, Dancing is a quantum experience, channeled by William's divine self and lived by him and Sommer both, in the raw and in the flesh.
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Like A Man In A Raincoat (Available on or through this website.)

Like A Man In A RaincoatThe Gathering jarred William and Sommer's memory out of a lifelong slumber. They began remembering strange events that had been taking place all their life, starting the night of their birth. These newly recovered memories are the subject of this third book, Like A Man In A Raincoat...This is a book of confessions, real events, involving real people. It is also a book of dreams, visions, out-of-body encounters and other-world visitations...Consider them to be the rantings of a personality in crisis, or as the celebration of a variegated soul, it's your call; like a man in a raincoat, William aka Sommer is simply exposing his innermost self in hopes of a little something in exchange...
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Prune, The Second Coming (Available on this website.)

PrunePrune, The Second Coming first came into William's life the night William was born, and has been with him ever since. He is considered by some to be William's alter ego. Maybe so, maybe not. For sure, he does have qualities that William finds useful and interesting, but these same qualities can have inconvenient side-effects. A quantum character, Prune has the ability to turn himself into anything at anytime, whether he wants to or not, just by thinking of it --- very tricky and wrought with hazards. Moving through the universe with an awkward grace, Prune never knows as who, what, or where he will turn up next. In his own words, we live in a universe that has no size, no shape, and no rules. The only constant variable would seem to be consciousness. So Prune says.

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