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In the books, The Gathering, and Dancing in the Quantum, William Gammill describes his experiences and revelations from our enlightened cosmic family.


His workshops will cover the following topics and much more:

--        Your Sacred Spiritual Heart

--        Learning the Meditation Process

--        Earth Changes, The Great Shift and Hollow Earth

--        The Ascension Process, Raising Consciousness and Activating Your DNA Strands

--        Transformation from the 3rd to 5th dimension, i.e., letting go of fear and attachments.


Please bring your questions

Please Reserve your seat right away. Seating is limited!


"It is difficult for me to express just how deeply impressed I was with William's presentations, information, his beautiful heart and powerful energies, the whole "experience" (different for each one, of course).  I wish that he "lived" here in CR so that we could see him often and have on-going classes and meditations with him.  He is truly a very special, very spiritual, teacher and guide, and it has been more than an honor and privilege to be with him and to have him among us for weeks at a time.  His fascinating books have been an inspiration to all of us, in so many ways." -- Karen Butler, Costa Rica


Transformation Workshop Description:

One quiet spring night, William Gammill experienced being part of a huge gathering of humans and other-world beings, during which the other-world beings related the true history and destiny of the Earth and its inhabitants. William heard the revelations about humankind, its origins, its current possibilities, and its likely future - including the end times, the apocalypse, and our interaction with celestial beings. In this workshop, he shares the astounding experience and what he has learned from it.


Topics covered include the ascension process, the who, how, and why of transformation; quantum beings, multi-dimensions and the end of time as we know it; the wedding of spirit and ego; synchronicity; unity consciousness; the holographic universe; karma and reincarnation; a message from the greys; the great shift; the Merkabah/lightbody; from grief to grace: the cleansing process; the end of karma and the birth of compassion (the event of 9/11/2001); and, perhaps most importantly, the God Within.


Also discussed are the spiritual implications of the UFO phenomenon; what the year 2012 has to do with anything; who were the Hopis, the Mayans, the ancient Egyptians, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, what they all have in common; portals and stargates, and the Hollow Earth.


Each of William's workshops is unique because his process is to surrender to Spirit and channel the God Within in serving the needs of those in attendance.



How and where you fit into these topics

How to invite and experience the presence of Spirit in your life




Please check back for future events.



In 2005 William conducted a Transformation Workshop in Costa Rica.

In March 2005, he participated in a ten day pilgrimage to the Hopi Indian Reservation, triggering portals and stargates in conjunction with their end time prophecies.

In July 2007, he conducted another workshop in Costa Rica, triggering more portals and stargates.

In September 2008, William conducted a 5-day workshop in Hawaii, and another 2-day workshop in Joplin, Missouri.

On October 3-5 2008, William conducted a workshop in Angle Fire, New Mexico.

On October 9-12 2008, William conducted a workshop in St. George, Utah.

On November 10-25 2008, William conducted a workshop in Seattle, Washington.

In 2009 William conducted a Transformation Workshop in Kansas Ciy, MO.

In 2009 William conducted a Transformation Workshop in Joplin, MO.

In 2009 William gave a lecture on Quantum Healing in Tulsa, OK.

In 2010 William was scheduled to join the two workshops on Transformation and Healing in Romania---to be rescheduled in 2012.

In September, 2011 William combined the workshops on Transformation and Quantum Healing in Victoria, B.C.

On August 16-18, 2012 William conducted a Transformation Workshop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

On October 12-14, 2012 William conducted a Transformation Workshop in Talcott, West Virginia.


To schedule a Transformation Workshop in your area, please contact our Events Coordinator at:





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