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Reviews & Comments for The Gathering:



The Gathering condenses Conversations with God, and Celestine Prophecy into a single and intensely personal awesome book.

—Gwen Pool /Stroud, OK


“ detailing the transformation....The Gathering  picks up where Neale Walsch (‘Conversations’) and James Redfield (‘Prophecy’) leave off....”

—Robert E. Keene

                writing in The Post New Age


“....the New Age book we all wish we had written .”            

                                                                                    Julia Mark / Portland, OR


“...Mr. Gammill has made a believable case for the unbelievable....beautifully written and absolutely unique.”

Kate Bradshaw / Houston, Texas

    writing in The Other Hand


“WOW! I lit up from head to toe reading The Gathering. Even the second reading produced a kind of bliss....Looking forward to reading Raincoat....Let me know when it’s out.”

Laura Stoiber / Rimrock, Arizona


“Just read The Gathering. Great book. Well written, and touched all the bases. This would be a great textbook for friends and family to get a broader, yet concise picture of ‘what’s happening.’ YOU DO ALL OF US PROUD!”

Sheila Guy / Chandler, Arizona


“ amazing condensation of wisdom.”

                                                                                    John Lentz / Florida


 “Reading this book will accelerate your evolution.”                        

b j King / Oklahoma City, OK

     writing in the Namaste Newsletter


“....reading [The Gathering] fulfilled needs that I did not know I had...”

                                                                                    —Hannah Jones / Port Townsend, WA


“ inspired writer, storyteller, teacher, and radiant being.”

J.D. / Minneapolis


“....If Gammill is correct, there is another world, a beautiful and terrifying world, right before our eyes at this moment—if only we could see.”

 —T. Hogan / Los Angeles

     writing in The Leader


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for being brave enough and open enough to share your wonderful story with the rest of us! I haven’t put your book down since I started it, and intend to reread it immediately. So much of it dovetails with the Kryon information and other sources. And a lot of it just ‘rings true’ without having heard or read it elsewhere ...just an inner ‘knowing.’ Bless you for your work. I can also relate to your personal relationships—sometimes changes are very necessary if we are to be true to ourselves.

—Dorothy Weiss / Montgomery, AL


“Really enjoyed the book. Read it cover to cover the day I received it. Now I’m reading it through again.”

—William Evans, MD / Manchester, NH


“....addresses the very issues we are all dealing with and are afraid to say....a voice for the New Age movement everywhere...”

J.R. Hynson / Bremerton, WA


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