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Reviews & Comments for Prune (An abridged version of Prune was first published as a chapbook):

“You never know where genius is going to raise its ugly head, and it does so in this short book. The pieces of brief prose in this collection are actually excerpts from an unpublished novel which, judging from the power and beauty of this selection, should win a Pulitzer Prize. Unfortunately, it has the feel of a masterpiece which will probably only be published and recognized after the author’s death, like John Tooles’s work of genius, A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. Gammill’s writing shares much with that book in terms of humor, style, and insight. For you who want a taste of true literature now, read this small book and suffer of hunger for the whole work.”

Eva Von Kesselhausen / Blue Light Review


“....Suppose Edgar Cayce....No, suppose Tom Robbins....Or Ludwig Wittgenstein....John Cage.... Old Man Coyote....Let me put it this way—what Henry Miller did for sex, Billy Mack [William] Gammill does for meditation, using the same instrument: the probe of language. A Robin Hood who steals from the smug and complacent and gives to the hopelessly bewildered.....Prune says, ‘Drop your words. Drop your mind. Drop your dreams, your desperations....Drop physics, metaphysics, your drawers, any idea you may have acquired about reality, drop it. The secret is...’ But for that you must read the book. PRUNE, by any standard, is a plum.”

 William Pitt Root / Poet


“...Prune takes you on a journey through his world and leaves you confronting yourself and your world. He is funny and sad and poetic and profound, and his creator, William Gammill, is an original...”

Marilyn Harris /Author


“...[E]ngaging and provocative, PRUNE  is a bizarre satire of Western fact, it is almost as if the whole western rationale had been reduced to the figurative ‘head of a pin’, which may or may not be the place for it...a burlesque of meditational exercises...but for those tuned to Gammill’s peculiar wavelength, the humor and verbal richness are there in a uniquely pared down, pruned form.”

 John Brandenburg / Journalist


“One-of-a-kind...The best thing I can say about it is that I wish that I’d written it. The second best is that when I finished reading it, I went back to the first page and started over...”

J.R. Hynson / Poet


“...We are intoxicated into a mislocation of self...more than just willing, Prune is eager to give up wisdom for innocence...”

Seattle Times




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