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Reviews & Comments for Like A Man In A Raincoat:



"...A brilliant piece of writing, original, exciting, enigmatic, amazing...[It] does for metaphysical writing what Ray Bradbury did for science fiction....There is a Kerouac quality to Raincoat, as if Kerouac came back, did it again, and pushed it further, a kind of neo (Star Child) Dharma Bum...."

Richard Leviton

    Author & Editor for Hampton Roads

"...This book, like this life, is extraordinary start to finish —driven by charismatic qualities that flip back and forth between curse and blessing; each occurrence a quickening toward the miraculous. It’s as if Huck, Holden, and Billy Pilgrim were all being orchestrated by a wizard of giving and withholding, able to make one look like the other. And then there’s Prune, that utterly mysterious source whose supreme creation is...Magister Billy Mack (William). Buy this book, read it, and repent of your virtues before it is too late."

William Pitt Root

    Pulitzer nominated Poet

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